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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Clydebank Titan Crane

All that remains of the John Brown shipyard is the Titan crane designed by the famous Scottish engineer Sir William Arrol,he was famous for building the Forth Rail Bridge,The Tay Bridge and Tower Bridge London.

The crane is subtly lit and changes colours periodically.


Jane said...

I love these photos Gerry, the crane looks so striking with that lovely blue sky behind. I'd like to go up there sometime - I still have a leaflet about it somewhere.

Thanks again for your kind comments on my Liverpool photos, they are very much appreciated.

I'm very worried at the moment because a virus attacked my laptop and I lost everything inside it. I have most photos backed up on CDs, but I can't check which ones are missing until I have my new computer (which has been ordered). I'm using an ancient one in the meantime which won't play them. I'm hoping I still have last September's photos backed up on CD because I hadn't finished making the blogs. It's awful not knowing!


Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear this Jane, here's hoping the pictures are ok.

I had a virus last year which kept crashing the computer, fortunately when I took it in to get sorted they managed to retrieve all the pics,have you sought professional advise as there is a lot they can do to retrieve information from hard drives.

I think I will back mine up soon!


Jane said...

Thank you Gerry. Yes, I took advice but it would have cost too much to try to retrieve the information. It was an old laptop anyway and it has now been disposed of. My new Dell laptop should arrive any day now and I hope it doesn't take too long to understand or set up with software etc. I won't know if I still have those photos till then. I'm going to make sure I back everything up regularly in future and I certainly recommend everyone to do the same!

Andy Mcniven said...

Hi just looking at these excellent photos i came accross while trying to find some information on my grandfathers brother who was killed in a shipyard on the clyde in july 1939 and was wondering is that a lift up the side of the crane ?
Is i accessible to the public

Many thanks
Andy Mcniven

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

It is indeed a lift shaft and it is open to the public during the summer months.I haven't been up there yet but I don't think the view will be up to much as there is very little worth looking at locally!