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Tuesday 27 October 2015


Irene is a 100-foot ketch built in Bridgwater in 1907, the last ship built in the docks and the only ketch built in the West Country still sailing. It was built by FJ Carver and Son and launched in May 1907. The Blake Museum in Bridgwater opened an exhibit about the ship in 2010.[2]

Bristol, 2014
She was first owned by Symons of Bridgwater and named after Irene Symons. For 53 years the ship was a trading vessel for bricks, tiles and other goods, mainly in the Severn estuary and to Ireland. She was owned by the Bridgwater Brick and Tile Company.[4][5][6] The ship retired from service in the 1960s and was found derelict by Dr Leslie Morrish, the present owner, in 1965. The ship was restored in Brentford, Middlesex, and the cargo hold was converted into quarters for 15.

The ship was a charter vessel in the Caribbean until she sank due to a fire in 2003 and was restored once more. She ran aground off Arran on the way to the Tall Ships Race in Greenock July 2011, before being re-floated.The ship sailed from Plymouth with an international crew called the New Dawn Traders to promote the transport of goods by sailing ships and to take goods including beer, olive oil, cocoa and coffee over the Atlantic

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Wednesday 24 July 2013

St Hilda

St Hilda is a traditional beamy, 54ft wooden (larch on oak) ketch.
 She was built in 1973 in the St Monans family boatyard in Fife, specifically for sail training with a crew of 14. She is one of the smallest of the “Tall Ships” and has competed in several Tall Ship races.
She operates from the Holy Loch offering sailing hollidays in the west of Scotland.

Sunday 5 August 2012

Bessie Ellen

Bessie Ellen is a trading ketch built in Plymouth in 1904,she now sails with charter crews around Europe.