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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Cherry Sand

Cherry Sand a small dredger leaving Ayr Harbour yesterday afternoon.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Twighlight on the Clyde

One of the Rothesay ferry's making her way to Wemyss Bay,picture taken from MV Jupiter.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Sound of Scalpay

Sound of Scalpay,one of the Western ferry's returning to Gourock,in the background is Cloch lighthouse.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Yeoman Bank and Muhlenau.


Yeoman Bank a self discharging bulk carrier making her way to Shieldhall this evening with a cargo of aggregates.

Sea Plane

The Glasgow to Oban Seaplane .


Seen on the Clyde today was the small coaster Muhlenau on her way to Diesel Wharf to load up with scrap metal.

Monday, 23 June 2008


The list of famous ships built on the Clyde is long,and even if your knowledge of shipbuilding is limited,chances are you will have heard of the QE2 or the Queen Mary but the Shieldhall?
Probably never heard of her,yet she was once a very familiar sight on the River Clyde.

The Shieldhall was built by Glasgow Corporation for the rather unglamorous task of taking treated sludge from Sheildhall sewage plant to be dumped at sea usually of the coast of Arran.
She was a familiar sight on the Clyde along with other sludge boats,Glaswegians referred to them as the banana boats!
When the Shieldhall was built,she was designed to carry 80 passengers which may seem strange for a sludge boat.

The corporation would organise trips for OAPS and school children,in her final years it was considered quite an honour to get a ticket to sail doon the water on this famous sludge boat.

I have spoken to several people who sailed on her and I was told at no time were you aware of the nature of the unsavoury cargo that she was carrying.

The 1972 ton Shieldhall was laid down in October 1954, built by the Lobnitz and Co of Renfrew who also built the two triple expansion steam engines,apparently they are similar to the engines that were built for the RMS Titanic,although on a much smaller scale.
She was built on classical lines with a traditional wheelhouse,rivited and welded construction,her length is 268 feet and breadth of 44 feet and seven inches.

She entered service in 1955 and continued to work on the Clyde for 21 years.
In 1977 she was sold to the southern water authority,but due to rising fuel costs was withdrawn from service in 1985.
She was bought by the Solent Steam Packet Limited and is now used for cruises around the Solent.
The Shieldhall visited Glasgow in 2005 as part of the Glasgow River Festival.

Coaster off Gourock

A small coaster making her way past Gourock on a delightful summers evening.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Jewel of the Seas

Jewel of the seas departed Greenock at 5 pm Saturday,weather was very dull with threatening rain. I have also included some photographs from a previous visit,oddly enough it was raining then as well!

Jewel of the Seas is owned by Royal Caribbean International and was built in Germany by Meyer Werft. She entered service in 2004.

Here are a few of her vital statistics: 90,090 ton 962 ft long with a width of 106 ft and a draught of 28 ft, she'll cruise at 24knots carrying 2500 passengers and a crew of 840 in well over a thousand cabins.