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Monday 12 February 2024

MRV Alba-Na-Mara

 Marine Research Vessel (MRV) Alba-Na-Mara is a small marine and fisheries research vessel, operated by the Marine Scotland directorate of the Scottish Government.

Primarily operating in the inshore zone, Alba na Mara collects data on fish, Nephrops and scallop stocks.

Photographed at Troon Harbour.

Thursday 26 October 2023

Furgo Galaxy

 FUGRO GALAXY is a Research/Survey Vessel that was built in 2011  and is sailing under the flag of Bahamas.

Photographs show her at Glasgow Shieldhall.

Monday 28 August 2023

Monday 27 February 2017

MRV Scotia

Scottish government fisheries research vessel seen at Greenock Ocean Terminal.

Saturday 8 October 2016

HMS Forth

HMS Forth the Royal Navy s new offshore patrol vessel in drydock on the Clyde.
click HERE for more pictures

Wednesday 15 January 2014

MRV Alba na Mara

MRV Alba na Mara is a fisheries reseach ship opperated by the Scottish Goverment,she is seen here passing Dumbarton.