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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Kilmun Parish Church

Kilmun church with the Holy Loch in the background.

The first church built on the site was by St Munn in the 7th century. A collegiate church was built in 1442 by Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochaw ,apparently the land was rented from the Countess of Monteith for the price of a pair of Paris gloves each year.

The church probably had a company of choir boys who would have attended the church for education.

The remains of the 15th century tower still remain although it looks to be in a poor state and is fenced off. The present church was built in 1841 although its tower looks to have been added on at a later date.

The grave yard adjoining the church is of great interest as a lot of the tomb stones are in good condition, quite a few of them have sea faring connections, there is also a mausoleum belonging to the Argyll family, the first marquis was beheaded after the English Civil War.

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