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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Grey Heron seen at Dumbarton.

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Jane said...

What a superb photo Gerry, I've never managed to get a photo of a heron, except away in the distance!

Many thanks for letting me know about the ferry at Rothesay - what a mistake to have made! Thanks for the link which was very interesting - I must add it somewhere on the blog at some point. I didn't know about that boat yard (still so much to learn about the area).

Yes, we did get the ferry across to Colintraive (first time that way), I shall add a photo sometime. It was a great trip altogether, loved every minute.

On our last day we couldn't decide between going back to Oban again or going on the ferry crossing from Cowal to Kintyre. We went to Oban which was interesting, but now wish we'd gone to Kintyre as it would have been a new place. Next time!