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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Ardrossan/ Belfast Ferry

An advert from 1965 for Burns and Laird,can someone ID the ship?


Anonymous said...

Its either 'Irish Coast' or 'Scottish Coast'

This might also interest you

Anonymous said...

Although if Irish Coast "never carried Burns & Laird colours" according to the simplonpc website then I guess that leaves Scottish Coast. The livery and ship design certainly match.

Gerard Ward said...

Thanks for the information and links


Jane said...

Fascinating, I never knew you could travel from Ardrossan to Northern Ireland in those days.

alastair said...

hi ,i think the ship was mv lion,she could sail at 19 knots,i once watched it after it left ardrossan,hms ambuscade was on her trials, and left lion asif she was stopped.