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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Loch Long and the Cobbler

The Waverley depating the pier at Arrochar,the Post card has no date on it, but I presume its the early 50s

Loch Long from Arrochar,the old paddle steamers would bring the city dwellers to view the highland splendour and climb Ben Arthur although its better known as The Cobbler. [ 2891ft]
The paddle steamers finally stopped visiting in the early 1950s.

The pier has since fell into a state of disrepair,although at present there is study being made by Strathclyde Transport Executive to see if it would be viable to build a new pier to help with tourism in the area.So perhaps we may see the Waverley call at Arrochar again.

The famous poets Coleridge and Wordsworth visited the area in 1803 ,not sure if they wrote anything about the hills though.


Jane said...

Lovely photos Gerry and nice to see The Cobbler again - I haven't been up that way for quite some time.

Clan Line said...

On one one of my photoraphy day travels I stopped at the Pit Stop cafe in Arrochar and got chatting to a local fella and he intimated that they were discussing the provision of a floating pontoon pier for Arrochar to replace the decaying and rotten present one. This was not verified though , I wondered if you knew anything?

Gerard Ward said...

I heard a few years ago that SPT had ordered a survey and had sent a boat up the loch,looking into the possibility of running a ferry during the summer months for tourists.

I haven't heard anything else since.

Gerry Ward