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Friday, 26 December 2008

Harvest Caroline

Harvest Caroline after leaving James Watt Dock after a winter refit on the 8 Feb 2008
She normally opperates in the North of Scotland.

She was involed in a bit of a drama in Oct 2006,below is the BBC Scotland report.

The Harvest Caroline had to be towed from rocks after foundering off Tanera Mor in the Summer Isles last October.

MAIB investigators said the anchorage position and length of anchor cable for the boat had been "insufficient".

The dragging of the anchor was not detected because the person nominated to be on watch was in bed.

The MAIB report also said the fish farm supply vessel's manager had "very little experience".

To prevent a similar accident in the future, the report said the manager had revised instructions regarding manning of the bridge while the boat is at anchor.

Safety on board has also been reviewed.

The Harvest Caroline dragged its anchors after suffering engine failure.

A Danish warship taking part in a military exercise just outside Stornoway was among the vessels that responded to the Harvest Caroline's pan-pan, or urgency signal.

The vessel was carrying 60 tonnes of fish feed.

You can read the full MAIB report HERE which includes damage photographs.

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