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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Split-Hopper-Barge B303

Split-Hopper-Barge B303, owned by Baars of Sliedrecht Netherlands,seen at Ardossan Harbour.
She will be used for taking spoil from the River Cart Westway berth at Steel Engineering, which will be taken to the Holy loch to be dumped.


JBhq said...

spoil? what kind of?
Why the Holy Loch?

Gerard Ward said...

The Holy Loch is the traditional dumping place for spoil dredged from the Clyde, the only exception I know of is when it’s used for infill.

I’m not certain but I believe that Steel Engineering of Renfrew are extending their Quay so as to move larger loads down the Cart ,of course it could be that the Cart is just being dredged for navigational purposes, the Scottish Parliament gave Steel Engineering a grant to dredge the River Cart.

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