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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Defensora F41

A Brazilian Frigate on the Clyde,she was taking part in a NATO exercise.

Niteroi class (Mk10 type) frigates

Displacement: 3,707 tons full load
Dimensions: 129.2 x 13.5 x 5.5 meters (424 x 44.2 x 18.2 feet)
Propulsion: 2 shafts; 4 cruise diesels, 15,000 hp, 22 knots; 2 TM3B boost gas turbines, 50,080 hp, 30 knots
Crew: 217
Radar: ASW 3 air/surf search
Sonar: EDO 610E hull, EDO 700E towed VDS
Fire Control: 2 RTN 10X
EW: Cutlass intercept, chaff, Cygnus jammer
Aviation: aft helicopter deck and hangar for 1 Lynx
Armament: 4 MM40 Exocet SSM, 2 triple SeaCat SAM, 1 114 mm DP, 2 40 mm AA, 2 triple 12.75 inch torpedo tubes, 1 375 mm ASW mortar

Concept/Program: Variants of the Vosper Mk10 design. These are general purpose frigates with some emphasis on ASW. However, the Ikara ASW launchers are believed to be inoperable. They are being extensively modernized.

Builders: Vosper Thornycroft Ltd., UK

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