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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Girvan Boat Yard

Founded post WWII by Alexander Noble and three of his sons in a shed on the ground now occupied by the yard. The yard is now run by the grandsons and only does repair work to commercial craft and refit work for the RNLI. There are 2 slips up the river at the back of the yard which run into the shed where the RNLI work is done.
Their own-build boats are distinguished by a thistle carved at the bow. In later years (until about 5 years ago) they started building in steel, and specialised in fish farm wokboats.

Thanks to Iain Crosbie for the information.

1 comment:

Andy Noble said...

"The best boats to ever grace the seas!"

Andy Noble
(Founders Great Grandson 4th Generation)