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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Fairlie Castle

This old post card dates from 1906,not much has changed.

Fairlie castle is a tower dating back to the 15th century,it was built by the Fairlies who apparently descended from the Rosses of Tarbet.
The last Fairlie sold the tower to John Boyle of Kelburn in 1650.

Fairlie castle is situated in a glen which looks out to the Firth of Clyde,it is quite difficult to photograph as there is not much open ground.
The castle although roofless still looks to be well preserved,you can still see the roundels at all four corners.

Fairlie village is a pleasant little place,railway station,a small church and villas,it still has a busy boat repair company.The sea front is quiet as most people are heading for Largs a few miles up the road,well worth a visit.

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Jane said...

This is so interesting - I didn't even know there was a castle there!